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Young SA

Young SA

College/University campaigning material

Student leaflet (PDF) [300KB]
Student petition (PDF)
Poster template  (PDF)
Unity Pamphlet
Student leaflet
(pdf 300 Kb)
Student petition
(pdf 32Kb)
Poster template
(pdf 32Kb)
Order pamphlet
from SA Office

Fee Fighters demo - 26 October - London

Route Start: Malet Street
Time of assembly: 12.30pm Route End: Trafalgar Square
Time of end: 4.30pm

For more information go to the 'Stop Fees Now' web site.

End the occupation of Iraq - Bush not wanted here

Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st November

For more information go to the Stop the War Coalition web site

ESF campaigning material

European Social Forum

The second European Social Forum, will take place from 12th-15th November 2003. The Socialist Alliance is a supporting organisation of the ESF. For more information go to the Mobilisation for the ESF web site

ESF publicity (PDF)   ESF publicity (pdf)
ESF publicity (pdf)   ESF publicity (pdf)
For information about getting to Paris, leaflets and other publicity go to the Mobilisation web site

Childcare for all leaflets

click on images for pdf files (no pic: 33Kb; pic: 63Kb)