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Our campaign in Preston - Michael Lavalette

Anti-war demonstrations, 18 March -

People's Assembly for Peace, London 12 March 2003

Birmingham Stop the War demonstration 1 March 2003 (pictures)

Socialist Alliance supports lobby of parliament 26 February 2003

Syd Platt stands for SA in Camden 20 February 2003

Over 1.5 million demonstrate in London. SA members helped make the Don't Attack Iraq demo largest in British politics on 15 February 2003.

SA result in Hackney mayoral election: SA's Foot beats Lib Dems and Greens 17 October 2002

Euro conference: For a workers' Europe, not a bosses' Europe - No to the euro - No to Fortress Europe

SA trade union activists' meeting 29 June 2002

Report from Spain, 21 June 2002

SA meeting on South Asian crisis, 6 June 2002

SA more than triples vote in local elections

SA National Council resolution Palestine, 11 May 2002

SA members' Report on the 5th Congress of Partito di Rifondazione Communista (PRC)


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